New Theatre Publications

The following plays written by Tony Moore are available through the New Theatre Publications website. All perusal copies and performing rights for these plays can be obtained from them at


Full Length Drama


...and then you die!

A play about the effects of the Vietnam War on the people at home


An homage to Bram Stoker’s gothic masterpiece


Full Length Comedy



The milk man, er, milk maid, er, milk person is a bit strange and the gardener only gardens at night but life goes on
Murder at Doom Manor

Someone’s murdered a complete stranger and the family jewels have been stolen but we must dress for dinner


One Act Plays


Boiled Cabbage

A fast and furious history of World War 2. What did you do in the War Mummy?

Difficult Loves

Three one act plays consisting of:


An angel and a vampire meet on the last Christmas Eve of the old Millennium.


Two lovers meet on a bridge or are they ghosts fated to repeat the same events for ever.


A serial kidnapper and his victim are tied up in an unresolvable paradox.


Short Plays


Short, Sweet and Sour

6 ten minute plays by Tony Moore


The theory that self-existence is the only certainty, absolute egoism. A short discussion of the philosophy of existence.

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